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Book Tales

From a pig sale, to antiquarian books…

“We went to a pig sale and came back as fledgling antiquarian book dealers. Two years previously I had returned from Africa and started working for the National Farmer’s Union or NFU as everybody called it. I met Sue in 1962. Finding somewhere to live was a problem because literally there was nowhere to let and the thought of buying a house and being lumbered with a big mortgage was alien to our philosophy.  Eventually we took over the tenancy of a small twenty- acre farm, complete with a house, for the grandiose sum of £120 per year or about two pounds and fifty pence a week.”

Want to read more?

Why not buy our book, “Tales of Our Book Dealing Life”! It’s full of tales, tribulations and the challenges, and quirks, of creating and growing a business throughout the 1960s to modern times!

We’ve also written these other books which reflect on our colourful and interesting lives.

K Books-Tales-of-our-Book-Dealing-Life

Tales Of Our Book Dealing Life

Barrie and Susan Kaye, £15.00

K Books-Boa

Boa. Memoirs of a Banana Planter in Remote West Africa

Barrie Kaye, £25

K Books-Ali-And-Me

Ali and Me. Children of the Colonies

Susan Kaye, £10

K Books-Pit-Village Childhood

A Pit-Village Childhood

Barrie Kaye, £12.50

To buy any of our books, please contact us using the form here.