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Natural History Prints

Birds, Mammals & Insects

K Books Ltd have a large stock of original antique engravings of birds, butterflies, insects, fish and mammals. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were the ‘great age’ of the amateur naturalists, who invariably were held in high regard and whose publications were much sought after, by people wanting the latest knowledge and illustrations of their discoveries. All our prints are mounted in a suitable hand cut mount using archivist quality materials and each print has a guarantee of authenticity.

The below examples are just a small sample of our extensive stock.

Natural History - Long Eared Bat

Long-Eared Bat

Natural History - Reddish-Grey Bat

Reddish-Grey Bat

Natural History - Birds


Natural History - Bees


Ruddy Shieldrake Duck

Natural History - Huro Nigricans Fish

Huro Nigricans Fish

Natural History - Pintail Duck

Pintail Duck

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