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Topographical Prints

K Books Ltd have a large collection of original antique engraved prints which were produced predominantly to illustrate early guide and travel books. These books and illustrations were very popular in the nineteenth century and brought exotic and lesser known countries to life. Many were steel engravings and some have since been hand coloured with water colours. All our topographical views are mounted in a suitable hand cut mount, using archivist quality materials and each print has a guarantee of authenticity.

The below examples are just a small sample of our extensive stock.

A Tartar of the Chinese Army

La Femme De Province

Le Griset du Midi

Le Griset Du Midi

The Stocking Maker

The Tae Ping Shaou Kwan

Pavilion of the Star of Hope, Tong Chow


View of St Salvador

Topographical-Street Punishment

Street Punishment

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