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General second hand books on all subjects ranging from agriculture to zoology including art, literature, 1st editions, natural history, gardening, fine bindings, classics and even paperbacks from £3 upwards.

An interesting selection of books on art, antiques and collecting, all very reasonably priced.

Regarded as being one of the top three colour printers of the 19th century and at his premises in Driffield he produced illustrations for about 150 books mainly in the field of natural history. Many of these books are very scarce.

Unusual selection of Greek and Roman classical literature dating from the 16th century including books from the Aldine and Elzevir Presses.
We have over 150 books printed by the Folio Society in very good condition and many with slip cases. Priced from £4 upwards. Contact us and we can direct you to view these.
K Books Ltd have an interesting selection of books relating to gardening. Reasonably priced from £3 upwards. Contact us and we can direct you to where these can be viewed.
A wide ranging stock of history and biography. Reasonably priced from £4 upwards, including military history. Browse our stock using key words such as author, title or subject matter.
We have several thousand books on English literature, literary criticism and poetry, including sets dating from the 18th century to more modern times and including first editions. Prices start from £2 upwards.
Scattered throughout our stock, we have some unusual and indeed rare books, including fine colour plate material. Alas this is not categorised but you can search our stock using key words, author or subject and you will likely discover some gems. Do not hesitate to contact us directly for personal assistance.
We have between 2 – 3000 paperbacks, starting from £1 upwards. Search in our stock on ABEBooks by author or title.

‘The Age of Enlightenment’ in Britain could have sprung from the spread of Provincial Printing, since this resulted in the growth of literacy and education. For the first time ‘the man in the street’ could afford to buy and own his own books.


We have a wide ranging selection of books relating to travel and exploration, especially Africa. Alas they are not in a separate category but you can browse our stock via ABEBooks.
Obviously since we live in ‘God’s Own County’, we sell books and prints and maps relating to the county. At any one time we have between five hundred and a thousand Yorkshire books.


General introductory info here.

Our book binder is one of the finest exponents of this craft in this country and indeed he is famous worldwide for the quality and originality of his work. He is available to undertake a certain amount of quality binding and we would be very pleased to make an introduction on your behalf.

We have several thousand old and nicely bound books in leather which can be hired for television or film ‘props’. We also sell these – by the yard or metre.

Sets of fine bindings are a joy to handle, make reading your favourite authors more pleasurable and are a great asset to any bookcase and to any home. We have some attractive sets, most of these are not on our website nor listed with ABEBooks, so please contact us directly for details of these.

To enquire about or to buy our books: